September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna!!

"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with." [Sex & the City]

Soulmates are a funny concept. Is there really someone out there so perfect for you that you were "meant to be together"? And do you just have one? Or are there several you will find throughout the course of your life?

All questions aside, I do think there are people out there who sometimes know us and understand us better than we know ourselves. Since I met Anna, and our mutual friend Maria, in 8th grade, the three of us have felt intrinsically connected to the others. We share so many things, from the way we grew up as kids to our values and beliefs as adults. I never went to school with Anna until we both attended University of Wisconsin - La Crosse together for 4 years. Looking back on those years, I cannot imagine not going to school with her. She literally was there for everything that happened, and all the ways I changed during college she was right there to watch me and help me along. Whether it was at 10:30 on a school night or 2:30 am on the bus ride home from Third Street :) she remained the best listener I could ask for. Today she is celebrating her 23rd birthday in La Crosse without me :(, and this weekend she will celebrate Octoberfest in La Crosse with some of the most wonderful women I know. I can't help but feel a little bit jealous!

Anna Mawie (intential typo...) have a wonderful birthday, thank you for bringing out the best parts of me and always giving me the best parts of you.
My graduation day!

Anna & I the night she came back from studying abroad in Spain...which up until now was the longest I have ever gone without seeing her!

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Lisa said...

Love that quote!

I feel like we all have tons of soul mates-- friends, relatives, boyfriends, even some random strangers that we are just meant to meet at some point. :)

Happy birthday to your friend!!! :)

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