September 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

  • Came home from school & took a very serious nap!
  • Ate vegetarian empanadas courtesy of friends Catie and Scott...delicious!
  • Maggie, Mark and I went to the A Jazz Go music festival at the Teatro Municpal in the neighborhood of San Antonio where we saw Adrain Iaies, a jazz trio from Argentina (see video!).
  • Ever since my dad took me to a jazz bar in Minneapolis this summer to see some guy named Dr. John I have been wanting to listen to more jazz, so this festival was perfect! A fun and relaxing way to spend a Friday night...

Adrian Iaies
Teatro Municipal
  • After the jazz festival, I met up with some friends at a bar named Bourbon Street in Granada. We ordered Coronas, buffalo wings, onion rings and french fries :) Sometimes it's nice to have things that are refreshingly American every once in a while. Also, we listened to a live band there who played half American band covers and half Colombian songs. The American covers they did were super jazzed up and upbeat---for example, they covered Maroon 5 "Sunday Morning" and really got the rhythm going. :) Loved it!
Band playing @ Bourbon Street
  • Maggie, Mark and I had breakfast with Anita & Alvaro at Pasopan, the delicious bakery on the Paso Ancho. I ate the vegetarian omelette again and could not have been happier!

Mark & Maggie at Pasopan
Anita & me at Pasopan

Tio Alvaro :)
  • Picked up the pants we had hemmed by Anita's friend. Her friend, Emperatriz, basically hems and makes clothes out of her home for friends, as well as for stores and boutiques. She is amazing! Also, when we were there on Saturday she had this adorable cotton dress sitting out. I tried it on and she is going to make me one in green and blue! Basically it looks like something out of Forever 21, which I miss terribly here in Colombia, so I can't wait for them to be made!

Emperatriz finishing sewing a button on Maggie's pants
Anita & Emperatriz in her workroom
Hard to see...but my new blue dress will look something like this, this is a shot of the neckline in process
  • Made Apple Berry Salsa for a 3 pm BBQ at a fellow teacher's house...turns out Catie, Scott and I were the first ones there at 3:30 and last one's there at 11:30. I love love love hanging out with fellow teachers/friends because they are such a great, fun group of people.
Catie & Scott
Catie & me!
Fellow teachers: Kelsey, Steph & me

  • During the party, two teachers, Amanda and Aaron entertained us all with party tricks (which they have TONS of!) Since they have been living in Alaska we basically joke that they have learned all these tricks in a effort to stay entertained in Alaska. We played a game where we had be on only our feet and bend down to pick up a paper bag in our mouth. Every time we finished a round around the circle, Amanda would cut off another layer of the bag and we would repeat, only with the bag even shorter. At the end of the game we were picking up basically a flat piece of paper off the ground in our mouths. I realize this sounds ridiculous but it was actually really fun & I made it to the last round! Hooray! Secondly we played this game were you have to jump over stacked rolls of toilet paper...each time around the circle another roll was added to the top. Needless to say I have zero jumping ability and did not make it more than two rounds.
Stetson during the t.p. game
Scott playing the paper bag game :)
  • So far today I did laundry, Skyped a bit, and wrote two versions of a test on exponents. In summary, Sundays for teachers = lame. :/
  • Perhaps I will do some yoga soon on my NEW yoga mat courtesy of Mark from the U.S. It's chocolate brown so I of course love it :)

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