September 22, 2009

It's Christmas in Colombia!!

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is officially Christmas here in Colombia because today after 4th hour I received not ONE, but TWO PACKAGES from the States! This is exciting on so many levels. :) First, it made my day absolutely amazing! Secondly, this means my package directions worked & I can receive things in Colombia so long as they are sent via US Mail! Hooray!!

Package One: Lindsey & Alex
  • Card
  • Pictures from Phil Vassar concert Lindsey and I went to last Fall!
  • Book of quotes (see below for some of my favorites so far)

Package Two: Grandpa Mike & Paula
  • Celtic cross necklace
  • Samoas Girl Scout Cookies (LOVE THEM..considering freezing them to save one for every month I am here...not sure I have the will power)
  • REAL licorice
  • White lace skirt from Ann Taylor Loft
  • White peasant top---adorable!!

Thank you!!

p.s. Off to the movie store with Catie, here's hoping the cats keep it under wraps! :)


TT said...

Dad and I just noticed the author of the quotes! "mary anne radmacher" How cool is that? Do you think Lindsay realized this?

sts said...

i can't believe you got a package!!! tell me how you did it! what address did you say? i am still struggling with it. did it go through customs? and I LOVE SAMOAS TOO. they are the best invention...well, them and thin mints.

sts said...

jenloveskev said...

Ooooh I love Samoas too! There are my favorite cookie ever!!! I eat the whole box in like 20 mins.

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