September 15, 2009

Trip #1: Booked

In October my school has Semana Receso (week break), basically in order to promote tourism in Colombia. Which if I was teaching in the US would probably frustrate me, but since I am teaching somewhere where I want to do touristy things, it works out perfectly. :)

Teachers do have to stay at school Monday thru Wednesday of that week for in-service, but at least we have a super long weekend Thursday the 8th until Monday the 12th (Holiday here in Colombia). Maggie & I just booked plane tickets with Catie & Scott to head to Bogota for the long weekend. We are going to spend the Wednesday and Sunday nights in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, and in between we are taking a bus to this cool colonial village called Villa de Leyva. My guide book describes the views as breathtaking and it sounds like a wonderful place to relax without middle schoolers for a few days. :)

Here are some photos of what is to come:

I can't wait, I wish it was tomorrow!

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Fete said...

Regards from Spain, Kristin!!!! Fantastic blog

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