September 1, 2009

You Must Be Joking

Picture this:

So I am in my fourth hour today. The students are taking a test. One boy finishes and I am working with him on the problem of the day. He works really hard and so I let him choose a piece of candy from my desk. On the way back to his seat he checks out the Joe Mauer bobblehead on my desk (naturally he is curious). Flash forward 5 seconds later...........

Joe Mauer's head is in about 6 pieces on my classroom floor.

Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!? I'm holding back tears at this point. The kid looks up at me like I might kill him with words. (I considered it.) In the calmest voice I could manage after seeing my 2006 Joe Mauer Batting Champ bobblehead that I waited in line for 6 hours for decimated on the ground, I said "You owe me super glue tomorrow or you're failing math."

By fifth hour (after lunch) all my students came in and asked how I was doing. Apparently this incident was the discussion topic of the 8th grade lunch tables. Cute. I'm traumatized, what do they expect?!?!?

So after a disasterous afternoon I'm here at school grading tests (aka blogging) and waiting for parent open house. When upon I will have to pretend like my children are lovely human beings and not Joe Mauer destroyers.


Nicole said...

Love it! Sorry to hear about little joey - but Im sure if your blog becomes popular enough he will get wind of it and have a replacement sent down. :)

Jenny & Justin said...

Fail that student.

Just kidding, but seriously.

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