September 27, 2009

Weekend Recap: Delirio Salsa Show & Lago Calima

Another amazing weekend here in Colombia! I will limit my weekend update to these two main events. :) Friday night I attended the Delirio Salsa Show here in Cali with Maggie, Mark, Catie, and Scott. Basically we paid $70,000 pesos for tickets to watch some of the most amazing dancers I have ever seen in my life. People from Latin America understand how to dance, and how to move their hips to make dancing look easy and natural Speaking from the perspective of someone who doesn't really know how to dance well, I found this fascinating! Both the men and the women have this amazing talent to look phenomenal on stage. We enjoyed some fried plantains and empanadas while we watched, and the whole night was a blast! Check out the video and some photos from the event...

Saturday morning I woke up early to head out to Lago Calima, a man made lake in the Andes Mountains about 2.5 hours away. I headed up to the bus station with Catie, Scott, Kelsey and Hana around 10:00 and we bought tickets for $11,000 pesos ($5.50) and we were on our way! The ride there was absolutely gorgeous, filled with rolling hills and amazing landscapes of the Andes. About an hour into the drive the air got a lot cooler and just felt cleaner and fresher than the city---I loved it! We arrived in Darien, the main city next to Lago Calima, and had lunch to come up with a game plan. We didn't go with a specific place to stay so we sort of needed to figure that out ASAP. We tried calling to this Comfandi place, an all inclusive next to the Lake, but they were booked. So we did the next best thing in a town without taxis....paid some guy and his son to drive us around in the back of their jeep to find a place to stay for the night. The first place we saw was advertised as a six person cabana.... There was one double bed and a set of bunk beds...the bunk beds were made up with two pillows each aka two people were supposed to sleep there. We quickly said no thank you and after a bit more searched we settled on Hotel Brisas del Calima, a nice, simple hotel located right in the town of Darien, about ten minutes from the lake. From there we went on a walk to explore the town and the lake a bit, then headed back to the hotel. We had a lovely dinner with chicken, and salad (they were out of pasta!! I almost cried...) then played a card game Catie & Scott taught us. Basically it was really similar to Phase 10...and I won, no big deal :) We spent a lovely evening in our room for 5, all sleeping about 2 inches from each other and I felt like I was right back at a middle school girls sleepover. Overall, I loved our hotel though, especially when we woke up and discovered breakfast was included. Rule for life: breakfast should always be included, everywhere, it just makes people happy :) Before leaving the hotel this morning we enjoyed some time in the hammocks reading and in the pool, very relaxing!

This afternoon we took the bus back to Cali, and today I have been pretty lazy...whoops. I need to stop watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother online and start figuring out a lesson plan on fractions because my students are struggling with them! :)

This week is the last week of school before three curriculum (in-service) days and then our vacation in Bogota/Villa de Leyva. This week is also Spirit Week and I will be kicking off tomorrow at 6:30 am with.....Pajama Day. La Crosse sweatpants here I come :) Pictures to follow....

Happy Sunday friends & thanks to all of you who have been commenting lately, I love reading your thoughts!!

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Bridget Boland said...

you make my head spin. I'm so glad that you are taking advantage of everything the country has to offer you.

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