September 29, 2009

This Time Tomorrow...

I will be watching the Minnesota Twins rock the Detriot Tigers to hopefully stay in the race to win the AL Central Division!!! My fellow Minnesotan in Colombia just called to say it will be on ESPN here tomorrow night! Can't wait to see my Twins live for the first time in two months!!

I am absolutely praying that this season doesn't end up tied with the Twins playing the Tigers in a one game play off. Last season's 0-1 loss to finish the season versus the White Sox was way too much to handle. In a season that lasts 8 months from Spring Training until the World Series and includes 182 games, how is it that everything comes down to the last week of baseball??

Can't wait for tomorrow! :) There will probably be photos to share...and they better win because Friday is Sports Day aka wear your MN Twins pride Day @ school!

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Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Hey, Kristin! I just discovered your blog. I'm from Minneapolis and I travel to Bogota (that's where my future wife lives). Great to see your blog.

Have you written about your current teaching job on your blog yet? That might be an option for me, although my mind is set on bringing the wife to the States. Getting through the US Embassy and Immigration is a tough challenge, however. Ugh, what a mess.

Anyway, great blog, and keep rooting for the Twins! Game 163 was a classic!

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