September 2, 2009

Eat & Colombia

Close family and friends know that I am a huge fan of the eat & run. I never have enough time in the morning...mainly cause I hate getting up any earlier than I have to. Life is going to be a serious struggle because I'm always rushing in the morning, but whatever. Thus far it hasn't forced me to get up earlier, so I am dealing with it. As a result I tend to eat on the run more than I should...usually just breakfast. Therefore, over the years of clinicals, student teaching & my summer job I have perfected the art of eating bowls of cereal, oatmeal, toast, bananas, and even toaster waffles while driving. In most situations this works out great; however there has been the occasional over-turned waffle on my pants, spilt milk, or crumbling toast.

While in Colombia I have been pretty good about leaving myself time to eat...cause I have an arepa addiction and they take about 5 minutes to cook. This morning I pulled my arepa off the stove as we were walking out the door. Clearly the day is off to a great start already. I proceed to make it all the way out of our apartment before dropping my arepa, cheese side down, on our sidewalk.

I ate it anway. I figure I didn't grow up with 3 younger brothers to be scared by a little sidewalk dust. If I have a serious illness in 24-48 hours most likely no one will feel bad for me. I see it as building up my immune system. :)


Chum said...

so funny!

TT said...

Now you know why you kids hardly missed school for being sick. I was always doing things like that to build up the immune system! Way to go, Kristin!

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