September 20, 2009

Weekend Recap

I'm finding that my weekend recap posts are quickly becoming the most interesting things I have to offer. Probably because the weekday life for a teacher isn't very exciting!

  • I stayed after school to play softball with some other teachers & the PE staff. I had a lot of fun and it was nice to run around on Friday afternoon after the teacher's in-service day.
  • Took a 2 hour power nap in preparation to go out later than evening for my friend Hana's birthday. I felt like I was back in college again coming home after student teaching, then leaving the house at 9 pm to go out. A group of us headed to the northern part of Cali, called Menga, where there are a number of bars and clubs. These particular establishments are located just outside the city border so they are not subject to the" Ley Zanahoria" (Carrot Law). Affectionally named "Carrot Law", this is the law that says all bars must close at 2 am. According to Calenos (people from Cali), you would have to be boring as a carrot to go home by 2 am.
  • Danced & enjoyed fabulous company at LuLu Latina until way too late...
  • Had lunch with Anita at her friend Gloria's house. Gloria lives about ten minutes from me and prepared an amazing lunch that more than satisfied any Chipotle cravings I might have been having. We ate burritos on pan Arabe (Arabic bread, which is basically a really big but thin tortilla) with beans, chicken, avocados, tomatoes, lettuce, and more! Delicious! I was so full we had to skip dessert... I also enjoyed talking with Gloria because she is a fellow teacher (in speech pathology...that's for you Allison!).
  • Calle del Arte!! Huge street art fair where they block off several blocks in San Antonio for vendors to sell everything from empanadas to purses to art in the streets. There were so many people there, but I still really enjoyed it! Everyone was so happy and smiling and just loving being out in Cali. Live bands adorned all the intersections and people were literally dancing in the streets as it got later in the night---LOVED IT!
  • Bought a new purse & matching wallet at the art fair! Anita bargained with the lady to get the price down...I watched in awe. :)

  • Headed over to Aaron & Amanda's house for a little get together because they live right on the street of Calle del Arte. They have a gorgeous apartment studio with an amazing view of downtown Cali, and the whole night was perfect. They were amazing hosts providing popcorn, homemade guacamole, fresh fruit, and more.
  • LOVED their new hammock chairs...we seriously need a pair of these for our apartment asap!
Conversating & enjoying the hammock chairs...
Me, Catie, and Shannon
  • The party really got going around 10 pm when a live band showed up (I think they were friends of the neighbors...???) and played a set on the rooftop! Everyone proceeded to dance and Aaron even had a small stint with the accordian (see video).

Aaron rocking the accordian.
Rooftop dancing.
Hana & Amanda loving it. :)
  • Side note on the party: I love how friendly Colombians are episode 321. So around 8 pm I have 3 missed calls, 2 from Maggie and 1 from Daniel, the guy in charge of transportation at the school (he sets up all the bus routes for teachers and students and then makes sure everything runs smoothly). Turns out he called Maggie because we wanted to meet up at the art fair but she had him call me since she is in Cartagena. I call him back and sure enough he shows up at Amanda and Aaron's 20 minutes later. In the US, I couldn't have even told you the name of the person in charge of bus in Colombia he shows up at parties with us. :)
  • Made breakfast with Catie & Scott...I could not love breakfast more. Literally it is the best meal ever created. We had some delicious pancakes, eggs with potatoes & onions, and potatoes. Mmmmmmm....
  • Done grading all the exponents tests from my students - hooray!
  • Started the day with Jack Johnson "Banana Pancakes", "Flake" and more...rolled right into Jason Mraz Live CD, followed by ESPN Baseball Today podcast from Friday and have now moved to Green River Ordinance. :) Did I mention I love Sundays...
  • Trying to get motivated to figure out some lesson plans for teaching about solving linear equations...has not happened I am blogging. Good for all of you, bad for me. :/

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sts said...

omg. i love the band. that is hysterical. too bad i had the poops and had to go home. sniff.

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