September 15, 2009

Expatriate Living: Rule #2

When renting an apartment ask if your power/energy is connected to your water supply.

Last night the rains came down here in Cali, Colombia and it rained more than I have ever seen here before. We had been expecting it because we haven't had a good rain in weeks, but the quantity still shocked me. I guess I should have known because when I was swimming in the school pool yesterday afternoon since the sky did look a weird shade of green.

So last night I am talking to my friend Anna, via Skype, when mid-conversation, the lights flicker and go out, the internet shuts off, and the street lights turn off. Everything is pitch black. We lit some candles and assumed it would turn on again soon. Not. So. Much. We were without power for hours. So I decide to make use of this time and shower. I brought my candle in the bathroom and for about 3 minutes thought this was going to be a lovely shower experience. That is until my hair was covered in shampoo and the water stopped...and I realized the water I had been using was just what was already in the pipe from before the power shut off. Now I am in the shower and there is soap everywhere. With no water in sight. Awesome.

I dumped a water bottle over my head, put on pajamas and snuggled up in my bed with my candle and Road to Perdition (love Tom Hanks!!) on my Mac Book. Needless to say, this is how I stayed until about 11:30 pm when the power came back on. I got in the shower quickly and then called it a night. Ridiculous.

In summary, sorry to Anna for the abrupt ending to our conversation, and sorry to everyone else I was going to call last night! (Mom/Dad, Joe, etc.) Hopefully the power will be working when I get home from school tonight!


Nicole said...

BABABHAHAJAJAAA LOVE IT!! God that just made my life. I would have killed to see you lathered up with soap in your hair having to toss on the Aquafina bottle! Soo good.

Ps: Just heard now, 24 hours later, that Patrick Swayze died. Man is Australia behind the times.

Kristin said...

Thank you Nicole, glad you found this hilarious. I did not. :p

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