September 18, 2009

Amor y Amistad

Today is the day of Amor y Amistad (Love and Friendship) here in Colombia, basically their version of Valentine's Day. The day is basically celebrated all weekend...however as teachers we are starting the celebration early by not having students today! Haha. In all actuality I miss seeing my students and would probably rather see them then go to meetings, but a break is good just the same because I have 100 exponents tests to correct!

This morning a group of us started the training for this program called Tribes, which I want to use more of in my class. The program is basically about incorporating community building activities in your classroom to enhance student personal and academic growth. We have 7 more session to complete the Tribes certification, which will happen over various in-service days throughout the year. After today, I know a little bit more about the program, and I look forward to learning more thoughout the year.

This weekend I will be heading to San Antonio for the Calle del Arte (Street of Art), which is basically a large art festival in the street. Hopefully, I can find some art to decorate our walls! :)

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