August 30, 2009

Colombia & Mail

Hi friends!  Just a quick note because several friends/family from home have emailed me asking for my address and/or mailing instructions.  Here's the basic scoop for mailing things:
  • For my actual mailing address, please Facebook or email me and I will provide...
  • All mail leaves school (the best place to mail things to me) in the morning and is delivered daily around 2:30
  • All mail coming into Colombia should be clearly marked "Air Mail - Correo Aero" to assure the quickest service possible.
  • Surface mail can take weeks to arrive; airmail takes four days to two weeks for mail sent to me. 
  • Sending boxes/packages is not recommended as much as I may like them :) Boxes can be held up in customs, where upon I may have to pay import fees and processing fees just to claim a box.  I believe this is a bigger hassle than its worth.  Sorry!!
For those of you who have asked, I hope this helps!  More details on the weekend to some point when it is not 11:01 pm on a Sunday night!  Night!
p.s.  Anyone out there working on my State Fair list????  Talked to friends Anna & Andy tonight...all they did was eat Sweet Martha's cookies so hopefully SOMEONE out there is locking it up.  Let me know!

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