August 9, 2009

New Apartment PICTURES!

Living room & kitchen table (Apt door in the background and door to main balcony to the left)
Living room & furniture (I hate burnt orange)
Living room furniture & new plants/candles!
Kitchen with view into living room & kitchen table
Fridge :) Thanks to all who donated pictures and wonderful magnets...and yes that is the MN Twins schedule on my fridge 
View from our main balcony looking out into the Andes!
Looking out to the left...our neighborhood, which is called Il Ingenio.
Main balcony (with Maggie!) which extends in front of living room and Maggie's bedroom.
Main balcony with new plants!
Spare bedroom with desk, extra luggage, and clothing line.
My room...cannot wait for the rest of my bedding to arrive in boxes so I can stop using the blanket I stole from American Airlines...
More of my room---TV and DVD player bought used from a teacher who left my school after last year.  Maggie and I will be watching Italian Job here later tonight because it's my favorite movie and she's never seen it. Disaster.
Bathroom in main area.  This will clearly be covered in all my rubber duck themed bathroom accessories once our boxes of shipped items arrive!
Maggie's bedroom. She is also anxious to receive the rest of her bedding and not have her down sleeping bag :)
Maggie's bathroom


Unknown said...

hey K,

uk here...finally got to viewing the it. Keep the posts coming, I love reading and seeing all you're doing. Glad to hear you already found a offense but sleeping with an airplane blanket is pretty nasty :) I hope you get your bedding soon. All is well with the fam, the kids are getting excited to start school.

Skype me some time when you are online!

see, kev

Jenny & Justin said...

Wow, Kristin can I come move in? The place looks fabulous - ohh the many fun times you will have in this apartment :) I miss you terribly. I just got my wisdom teeth out today, but we should skype in a few days when I have the capability of talking normally!

Love you!


P.S. I was creeping on the fridge picture (zooming in on the picture my mac - do you know how to do that? It's great) Anyway, did I see some quotes on the fridge?! :)

Nicole said...

Fancy pants!! Love the apt!! Looks like there is more than enough space for a visitor next summer :)

how's it all going lady? I've been super busy lately with work and of course cocktailing so i have been a bad blogger commenter.

i will be on skype friday night your time i believe. we'll see ::)

miss you!

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