August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

Another productive, successful weekend in Cali, and good thing because school starts tomorrow!  First day with the kids bright and early at 7:30 am!

Over the weekend Maggie and I did some exploring and really enjoyed getting out in the city.  In summary...

  • Passed doctor's appt & eye appt tests for school insurance, received Colombian cell phones at school
  • Pizza & beer at our friends Angie and Caleb's apt...I love having friends who live across the street from us!  Tried Pizza 1969 and it was pretty good.
  • Lazy morning
  • Artisan markets entitled La Loma de La Cruz (Hill of the cross) or something like that.  We took a taxi up there with some fellow teachers, and met some of our friends who live in the neighborhood.  The individual booths were filled with cool things-we almost bought a hammock but we still need to figure out if it will be feasible for our balcony.  Maggie did get some sweet black sandals though; they are custom making them for her over-sized American foot and we're picking them up next Saturday.
  • Walked around the neighborhood of San Antonio and enjoyed the culture!  San Antonio is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cali and truly is the cultural center of Cali.
  • Had the best malteada moka (Mocha malt) of. my. life. at a small coffee shop down the street from our friends Aaron and Amanda's apartment.  A delicious blend of coffee, milk, and chocolately goodness.
  • Attended Festival Petronio Alvarez music from the Pacific coast festival.  Didn't actually make it inside the Plaza del Toros due to number of people at the free show, but had a blast outside where they showed the inside show on a big screen.
  • Enjoyed our first Salsa club experience at Tin Tin Deo.  New life goal: improve dancing skills.
  • LAZY.  Did not leave the house until 4 pm.   At which point we walked to the local bread shop and back.  Productive, I know.
  • Actually did write some lesson plans for Algebra.
  • Maggie started to teach me yoga! Yay!  She's a yoga genius and she was teaching in Colorado so she knows her stuff...and so I've enlisted her to teach me so I can go to yoga classes with her and know what's going on.  Also, we both agreed my first time learning yoga should not be in a foreign language. :)
  • Apartment invasion around 5pm courtesy of our lovely friends on their way home from working at school.  We loved showing off our apartment & such! :)
  • Final classroom preparations!  I think I'm ready for tomorrow....
  • Investigated Pomona, an upper end grocery store with a few import things...such as peanut butter!  Did not have enough pesos to pay, nor a Visa card with matching we were those people taking stuff out until we could pay in cash. :)
  • NOW: @ home. Blogging with red Chilean wine and cooking up some veggies & beef for dinner soon. Most likely watching Sex & the City in 1 to 2 hours.
Happy reading! :)

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Jenny & Justin said...

Love that you're learning another language. So proud! Isn't it so fun? And a great way to relax after a long day of teaching :)

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