August 3, 2009

Found a place to live!!!!!!!!!

After a somewhat difficult experience of looking at many, many apartments over a period of 3 days, my roommate Maggie and I just found a place to live!  Once again Jaime, our bus driver and my new favorite Colombian, picked us up at the hotel and took us to look at places.  We found this place which is ironically located right across the street from the very first apartment we ever looked at!

Here are some pictures...
View from the outside of our building.  We are on the third floor; our balcony is hiding behind that tree on the corner.

Maggie on one end of our balcony which wraps around our apartment. Yay for outdoor grilling!!

More of our wrap around balcony looking down towards Maggie's room.

Part of Maggie's bedroom. 

Maggie's bathroom.

Spare bedroom in between the two of ours...maybe our office??

My room!!!!!!!!!! With door to balcony :)
My bathroom :)
Living room area with patio door.
Kitchen with marble countertops, new gas stove/oven, and more cupboards than we have stuff to put in them...

In summary I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, especially after feeling somewhat frustrated the last few days about not having found a place yet.  Also, the price fits perfectly in our price range and is located in the southern part of the city, about a 15 minute ride to school and a 5 minute walk to La Catorce (The Fourteen), the huge grocery/Target-like store here in Colombia.

In summary, Maggie and I will not be living in a cardboard box together....hooray!!!!!!


Allison said...

HOORAY!!!!!! Looks pretty spacious :) :) :) Can't wait to come see it in person!!!!!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

so exciting, looks beautiful!!!!

Nicole said...

LOve it! congrats! SO glad that you found a place! It's so frustrating living out of a suitcase and not in your own bed...speaking of which do you have one of those yet??!! :)

we'll have to Skype soon. I am going to be on Tuesday night your time between maybe 7p-9p.

PS: you're school looks great although it looks like they may need a revamp on that cafeteria kitchen - does that meet health code?!! :)

TT said...

Wow! Your apartment looks amazing and very clean. I also love, love, love the wraparound deck. I am very happy for you and I am sure it is a relief to ahve found a place.
Hope to see it LIVE soon. Love, Mom

Ilse said...

I love how open, white, and breezy it looks! good call.

Kristin said...

Thanks everyone for the comments, I am very excited about it!! Definitely nicer than something I could have bought in the states so that's great :) Can't wait to move in tomorrow!!!!!!

Susie said...

It looks awesome, and with an extra room and the deck. Good job holding out for something you love.

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