August 2, 2009

Colombian food--finally!

Amid the stress of trying to find a place to live, some other teachers and I went out to dinner tonight in search of authentic Colombian food.  We got a great recommendation from our school bus driver, Jaime, who has been absolutely AMAZING driving us all around Cali in search of a place to live.  

He told us to go to Los Arrieros del Sur (The Horsemen of the South), which was about a 5-6 block or so from our hotel.  We had a fantastic experience, and I loved the chance to try some Colombian food.

To start we had micheladas, which is basically Colombian light beer (because cheap light beer is all that exists here) with lime juice in it, served in a glass with salt on the rim.  Despite how ridiculous this combination sounds, it actually wasn't half bad.

For dinner, we shared two different meals between myself and three other girls.  We had one plate that contains a chicken with some sort of delicious seasoning on it then white rice, avocado (Colombians LOVE LOVE LOVE avacados, or aguacates in Spanish), and fried platanos (bananas).  Our second plate is more traditionally Colombian and is served in a skillet with chorizo, white rice, avocado, beans, seasoned beef, and a fried egg on top.  I realize this combination sounds a bit random, but everything truly tasted delicious!  I think we will definitely be making return trips.

Afterwards we walked through the mall for a bit.  The malls here that I have seen so far are all open air, meaning the individual stores have roofs and look like typical stores, but the walkway in the middle typically has no roof.  Colombians love to be out and about, and going to the mall has definitely helped me get a better sense of the culture.  In the little I have seen of the mall so far, I do not think living in Colombia is going to do anything to cure my shoe fetish...sorry Mom :)

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Nicole said...

what are the malls like there? I'm picturing Guatemala but judging from your comment on shoes I'm guessing that I have the wrong image in my mind:)

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