August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

I'm beginning to feel that I actually live here in Colombia and it's not just a place I am visiting temporarily. This is good in so many ways because now I feel more comfortable here with everything in day to day life. However, living here also means I miss things that happen elsewhere in the birthdays.

I love birthdays and I pretty much always have but I grew to love them even more in college. Basically it's an entire day to celebrate yourself; who doesn't love that? I have even been known to celebrate birth months with some very specific people... ;) I love making other people feel special on their birthdays and I love the reason to celebrate.

Tomorrow is Jenny's birthday and I wish I could be there to celebrate with her! Jenny has been my friend for awhile now, and we have discussed on many occasions how much fun her 21st birthday would be...until of course we realized I would not be there. As with many of my close friends, I miss her often. Mostly I miss the ability to pick up my phone and text her when funny things happen because her responses are always priceless. And I miss her ability to text me all of the interesting things that happen in her day. Like when she texts me: "Just attempted to warm up two sips of carmel latte in work microwave & coffee exploded everywhere. I wish this was a joke." Or when she texts me "Keith. K102." to inform me that Keith Urban is playing on the radio station K102. Or when when she texts me during the television show Gossip Girl as the plot unfolds, and then calls me during commercials to discuss at 15 minute intervals.

In between the funny moments, she is also a great friend. Do you ever have things happen to you and now matter how many people you could tell, you really just want to tell one? Jenny is one of those people--I tell her specific things and stories because she will appreciate them most. :) So in summary: Jennifer Ann I hope your 21st is as amazing as you are!!

Lots of love from Cali,

p.s. Don't worry, Uncle Kevin, I know it's your birthday too ;) Have a wonderful day of birth as well!!!

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Jenny & Justin said...

Kristin, you made me cry. haha I'm so excited to be 21, and can only hope I can live it up as much as your famous 21st! I would just like to say that it will be amazing solely for the fact that I will be dressed head-to-toe in the gifts you gave me. From the sash to the crown to the enormous and beautifully decorated glass, which will be put to good use. No one does birthdays like you :) If only you were here!! But I can't be selfish..Colombia needs you!! And I'm so excited that you are starting to call it home :) Just don't forget where your real home is, okay? Awesome. Blossom. you know you love me. xoxo, gossip girl.

P.S. your lack of texting ability is extremely disheartening, but thank-you for the THREE skype voicemails. I promise to gmst and pick up the phone next time.

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