August 8, 2009

Fresh Fruit

Forgot to post this last week but the picture is too good to pass up!!  I wasn't that hungry for a full meal a few days ago so I settled (??) for this little gem.  Best $6000 pesos ($3 US) of my life.  I LOVE living in a country where fresh fruit is cheap and plentiful.  This parfait thing came with tons of fruit and crema de leche (cream from milk). Delicioso!!


Nicole said...

Delicious! If anyone is keeping track in order for me to get something similar to that in Australia it would easily set me back 10-12 US dollars.

so please enjoy a few for me would ya!

Ashley said...

To bad you couldn't send one this way, it looks so tasty. It looks like you're getting used to the local cuisine quite easily.

Optimizing your health said...

Yum, that food looks so appetizing.

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