August 28, 2009

Perfect. Except....

As of tomorrow I will have left Minnesota one month ago. In the ever wise words of Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." No kidding.

The last month has absolutely flown by. After arriving in Miami, and then Colombia two days later I have not stopped for very long to think about everything as it was happening. Now, here I am on August 28th and the final bell just rang to end the school day. I have an apartment here (with curtains!), a bank account, a cell phone, wonderful friends/colleagues, a local grocery store, and 101 lovely, somewhat crazy, hormonal 8th graders. Basically I have an entire life here; which is perfect, and this experience is turning into everything I wanted and there is so much more to come.

However, I wonder if I will ever get over that feeling of missing things. On a day to day basis, there isn't tons to miss back home. But the little things start to add up. And the big things are irreplaceable. Birthdays, Oktoberfest in La Crosse, North Shore trip with the family, MN State Fair, etc... I love love love love them all. A lot. :) I guess I will figure it out along the way, and new experiences here will become as good as the old.

Until then...will someone please do the following for me at the State Fair?
  • Visit the Leinie Lodge. Have a Summer Shandy. Then have another for me.
  • Obtain one plastic bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies. Eat at least 10 before you decide to start sharing.
  • French Fries. Enough said.
  • Ride down the Giant Slide. Hands in the air-no cheating!
  • Visit the free education booths from the U of M, St. Thomas, etc. Get the free pencils and send them to Colombia because 8th graders never can find their pencils. Thanks! :)
Have a wonderful Friday!!!!!!!


Nicole said...

HOLY shit has it really already been a month since you arrived? that did fly by!! I was just thinking about this as well actually and my 2 month anniversary is tomorrow!! WEIRD! By the time we wake up we are going to be packing our crap back up and shipping off to MN! Have to remind ourselves to enjoy every minute and take every opportunity for what it is.

Happy teaching. :)

Ilse said...

Baby...I'm so happy that everything is turning out how you liked it, and better. I'm SO glad you are making some local friends, A & A sound wonderful and generous. I can't wait to talk to you more about how things are.
i tried calling your cell phone the other day after i did something stupid and wanted to tell you.
miss ya

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