November 22, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Movies

Over the past few months the rain in Colombia has been pretty incessant. No major side affects, other than personal sadness, so far, but it is starting to get to many of us that we live in this tropical country where the sun hardly shines! Last week I wore a long sleeved sweater and pants to work! Sad face. :(

Kelsi and I are combating the glum state of the outdoors with what has quickly become a Sunday afternoon ritual at the movies. There is a Cine Colombia movie theater in pretty much every mall in Cali, and we have visited several of them, but Palmetto Plaza is definitely the favorite. With a Crepes & Waffles, frozen yogurt stand, and two Juan Valdez options (both outside and INSIDE the theater), what's not to love? Did I mention Sunday afternoon matinee movies are only $4,700 pesos, or about $2.50 USD. Ah-mazing.

Here are some of the movies we have been seeing:

Due Date (Todo Un Parto)

I think my reactions are similar to this blogger's when she said: "Maybe there is such a thing as too much Zach Galifianakis." I mean, I loved him in The Hangover, but this movie was insanely ridiculous. However, any time he incorporated the phrase "You better check yourself before you wreck yourself" it made us laugh hysterically.

The Other Guys (Policias de Repuesto)

Saw this one last night. We just had to see Mark Wahlberg, because... well you know, plus Will Ferrell! LOVE. In summary it was actually a pretty ridiculous movie without a sustainable plot line that I don't know if I would have paid $9 to see in the states. However, at one point Mark Wahlberg danced ballet, so there's that. Also, TLC lyrics were quoted several times - random.

Life As We Know It (Bajo El Mismo Techo)

Loved it because I love Katherine Heigl and the guy who plays opposite her in this movie is hysterical and adorable, so...Josh Duhamel = awesome.

The Town (Ciudad de Ladrones)
Ben Affleck wrote, directed and starred, so if you like him you will love this movie. He plays the usual brooding bad boy, which he does so well, so that makes the movie pretty enjoyable right there. However, the rest of his castmates do a stunning job with their roles, even Blake Lively (from Gossip Girl!). Also, the whole plot line was pretty interesting, and they attempt to steal money from the New York Yankees, so you know...WIN.

What else have you been watching lately?? And no, I am not seeing Harry Potter part whatever even though it is in theaters here. Just not into it...still.

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Paige King said...

You didn't like Due Date? Oh man, Logan and I saw that on Friday night, we thought it was HILARIOUS! I laugh just looking at Zach Galifinakis! :)

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