November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Kelsi!

Yesterday my roommate Kelsi turned 28 and we celebrated before, during and after school! We started the day off with some eggs and toast for birthday breakfast in Buddha bowls. Buddha bowls are made by a Canadian company and they are made to sit perfectly in the palm of your hand! Perfect for oatmeal, coffee, tea, soup or whatever. Kelsi mentioned she wanted one sometime last year, so I bought them (you had to buy at least two!) online and had her sister bring them down in September.
The Buddha Bowl!
Birthday breakfast!

I decorated our apartment the night before with Feliz CumpleaƱos (Happy Birthday) balloons, neon green streamers and taped up a list of 28 fabulous things I love about Kelsi around the apartment walls.

At school Kelsi's students opted out of the traditional "Let's throw our teacher a surprise party for her birthday that is really more of a party for us and less for her" and instead were just nice to her all day long and brought her presents! So cute :)

Last night we finished the birthday celebration with a few friends over for sangria, wine and desserts. Kelsi made her famous sangria and I crafted some brownies with Brazilian nuts in them - and we ate them with Juan Valdez Mocacchino ice cream. Soooooooooo delicious. No wonder I woke up this morning with a stomachache!
Blowing out the candles on the birthday brownies!!
Roommate love...and rosy cheeks me.

This weekend the celebration continues with a mini-getaway to the mountain town of Manizales, Colombia. Set in the heart of the coffee region and about a six-hour bus ride from Cali, this town is famous for coffee farms and the snow-capped Nevados Mountains - we plan to visit both!

Until Monday - stay fabulous friends :)


kelsi said...

I LOVE my buddah bowl. And you know what I like even more? Having a roommate as awesome as yoU!

doniree said...

I officially just put that Buddha Bowl on my list of Things to Make Sure My New Apartment Doesn't Go Without.

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