November 1, 2010

A Few Treats & Lots of Tricks

Happy day-after Halloween!

While finding a great Halloween costume is sometimes difficult, I love celebrating the day with friends regardless of the costumes! It truly is one day out of the year when you can be whoever you want to be. The last two weekends have been full of Halloween celebrations that included me wearing my costume on three different occasions, and it was fabulous!

Kelsi and I debated lots of costume ideas this year, but in an impromptu day-of-the-party costume decision, we went to Tara's Annual Weekend-Before-Halloween Party as "Peace & Quiet" with me dressed as a hippie and her dressed as a mime. We pretty much had to explain or ask leading questions to everyone about how our costumes were related, but it was still a great idea! Tara held the party on her rooftop patio and hired a DJ for the event. Also, Hana and Beatriz helped decorate for the party and definitely used all their primary teacher craft skills to make the party quite festive. The majority of of our teacher parties end up including mostly gringos, but Tara invited pretty much everyone she has ever met in Cali, so the crowd was wonderfully diverse and super fun. Everyone came up with awesome costume ideas and we danced the night away!

Check out some of the sweet costume ideas my friends came up with...

Flash forward to Friday at school. Students and teachers came to school in costume and we held a middle school assembly where prizes were awarded for best costumes and the winners of the door decorating contest amongst students! My group of students didn't win, but my door looked totally awesome anyway! The students totally got into Halloween this year, even more than usual, so Friday at school turned out to be great fun. (Even if I did give a quiz to my students to say Happy Halloween!)

Students finish decorating my door.
Window decorations.
Happy Halloween kiddos! :)

To round out the festivities we went out on Saturday night to a costume party at a bar. We celebrated the end of Halloween weekend and our friend Enrique's birthday! However, by that point I was pretty much done with the hippie costume, so no photos... I do wish I would have had my camera at the bar though because we saw tons of awesome costumes! A whole group dressed up as Alice in Wonderland, Egyptian pharoahs & princesses, Mario Brothers characters, and more.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween filled with delicious treats and your own brand of tricks!

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