October 28, 2010

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Two full days of meeting with parents and students are complete! After 48 hours of your child is A) doing great, B) going terrible or C) could be better, I am glad to be back in my classroom with just the students. Conferences last year went pretty well and this year felt even easier, probably because I am that much more comfortable with my Spanish. Good thing too, because it seems that this year even fewer of the parents speak English.

Once again, meeting all the parents of my students gave me an opportunity to get to know my students better and see a little bit about where they come from. In most cases, the apple still does not fall far from the tree. Most notable interactions with parents this year include one mother, who was wearing braces at the time, calling me "jovencita" (little girl). Another dad gave me the third degree in asking what I thought about the math program at my school. And finally the father who spent the conference text messaging on his phone while I talked to his daughter was particularly amusing. Overall another good round of conferences in the book!

In other news - how about that game one of the World Series last night?!??!?! Tim Lincecum on the mound for the Giants and Cliff Lee for the Rangers with a final score of 11-7 Giants. Whoa! I was hoping for a better pitching duel but still an exciting game!!

Happy almost-Friday!!

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