October 12, 2010

Book Club Field Trip AKA Ladies Night

Book Club!
Front: Kelsi, Kristin, Angie and Lori
Back: Hana, Tara, Ana Maria, Steph, Rita, Maggie, Catie
Photo Credits: Samantha

Our ladies book club meets about once a month here in Cali and we love sharing about all the books between meetings. One of my favorite things about our book club is that we all read different books, so the variety in choices is huge and there is always a new book to check out.

That being said, there are some books that make it around the group so that we almost all read them. Eat, Pray, Love is a prime example of one of those books that everyone read. While we have a very wide range of differing opinions on the book itself (I did however, love it), we were all excited about the movie starring Julia Roberts and the oh-so-deliciously-hammockable-worthy Javier Bardem.
When the movie premiered in Colombia on October 1 we saw the perfect opportunity for a girls night at the movies, so after some not-so-subtle emails from me, which included this photo of Javier, we had our first book club field trip to the movies!
The night started with appetizers and sangria at Catie's house before fourteen (YES, fourteen!) of us went to see the movie. We ended the night with a smaller group at Crepes & Waffles for dinner. I loved the movie, even if the middle part did drag a little bit... definitely go see it if you have the chance!

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