October 6, 2010

#14 - Throw someone a surprise party.

At 58 items long, sometimes my life list seems a bit daunting. However, other times the items on my list are so much fun to complete, I forget I even wrote them on it in the first place!

Such was the case last week as Tara, Catie and I planned a surprise engagement dinner for our friends Angie & Caleb. I have known Caleb & Angie since I tutored math with Caleb in college at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, so when they announced their engagement at the opening school assembly I was so excited for them!! After planning out the logistics, we decided to throw them a small engagement party dinner with just a few friends.

To add to the element of surprise (and get them to the restaurant) we wrote them a poem with instructions about the night, colored it, cut it up into pieces and gave each of them half the pieces. Assembling the project took more time than anticipated...but it was a fun way to get them excited for a night they were not really expecting.
{I should have been a primary teacher}
After they showed up at our restaurant of choice, Granada Faro, we had a great night celebrating together and enjoying delicious food. I just love surprises, so the whole night was super fun :) Hooray for friends and completing life list items.
The whole group at dinner. Kristin, Tara, Angie, Caleb, Octavio, Catie and Scott.

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