October 9, 2010

Roommate Date Night

Por fin (finally), it's here!!!!

After a long first two months of school, getting back into the swing of things, meeting new students, and finding a routine, we finally have our first break for Semana de Receso (literally means week of break)! Definitely one of the perks of a job in education is lots of time off, which provides some well needed rest and rejuvenation for teachers!

All teachers will report to school from Monday to Wednesday this week for meetings, curriculum development and just general catch-up on grades. Then, Kelsi and I are headed to Quito, Ecuador on Thursday for some city exploration, a trip to Mitad del Mundo (AKA equator), and relaxation at a mountain top lodge near Otavalo, Ecuador. I am very excited to visit my second country in South America, as well as do some traveling to a colder climate! Since temperatures in Quito tend to hover closer to 50-60 F than the typical 85 F of Cali, I will be digging into the closet for long pants and sweatshirts to pack.

However, with travel still almost a week away, Kelsi and I decide to start the celebration this weekend with drinks in the neighborhood of El Penon. We had tentative plans for friends to join us, but when they fell through we ended up on a roommate date. Delicious cocktails, good conversation (which of course led back to the "Are we staying a third year in Colombia?" question), and a cool atmosphere led to a great start to the break!
Absenta Bar in El Penon neighborhood of Cali.
If only I had taken this photo when the waitress brought these out to us with some part of them flaming on top...
LOVED this bar made of books. SO cool.
Oh hi Kelsi.
Love her :)

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kelsi said...

Where else in the world am I going to find anyone else who will drink Absinthe with me and then let me drag them to an underground eletronica party. No where. Stay in Colombia 1. Leave: 0.

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