October 27, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

New method to ensure my blog is updated: request a laptop during parent teacher conferences. :)

Today and tomorrow all day we have parent teacher conferences at my school. Conferences here are held during the day, so students get some time off and teachers have a break from teaching. Each student comes at a specific time and goes around to visit all the classes. I love having the students here during conferences because it truly makes them accountable for their behavior and their grades.

Thus far this morning I have seen some of my more challenging students and I have experienced great success with their conferences. For the most part any student that is difficult for me is also difficult at home and with other teachers, so any bad news I may have for the parents is not much of a shock. This is nice because I am somewhat terrified of having a parent yell at me and tell me it's all my fault. :)

Also, I am ROCKING the español (Spanish) today! HOORAY! I love opportunities to practice my Spanish! At the beginning of the day I had a translator assigned to me, but so many of my students have parents who speak English, that I pretty much told the guy to get lost. So now when I have parents who don't speak English I am left to my Spanish skills. I have had to do about 6 or 7 conferences so far totally in Spanish and it's going so well! Most of the students haven't heard me speak a lot of Spanish yet, since I teach in English, so they are just as surprised when I bust out the Spanish as my students are. :)

Conferences are scheduled until 3:3o so I still have quite a long day in front of me...and tomorrow too, but I am glad it's going well so far!

Happy Tuesday!

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