October 16, 2009


Over the past several weeks, the Thursday night dinner has become increasingly more common. I mean honestly, by the time Thursday night rolls around I already have my plans for the next day of school and I cannot possibly force myself to think about Monday...so I might as well celebrate the weekend! :) Therefore, on any given Thursday night, Maggie and I are most typically found dining out or at least making a good dinner...and our friends Scott & Catie are usually involved as well.

Last night we tried Case del Sol in Palmas Mall, about ten minutes from where we live. They all wanted sushi...and I went along even though I have never had sushi. I ordered this chicken and rice stir fry thing and split some sushi with Catie so I would be able to try it. We got one with lobster and crab meat in it...I think. I also tried some of the others at the table, so it's hard to remember.

In summary of my first sushi experience it's not nearly as weird of a food as I thought. The flavors mixed together are delicious and I really like that they are many different kinds of sushi to order. However, the only part I cannot get past is the fact that you have to put the whole piece in your mouth at the same time. I mean, I know it has to be like that so it doesn't fall apart and you get all the flavors together at once...but I'm not accustomed to taking such big bites! It's difficult!! :) Overall though, a wonderful first experience.

Today has been a fun day with my students so far. There is a soccer tournament that is played during lunch at school, each day a different set of two teams play each other...and I think there are about 8 teams overall. Anyway, today the two teacher teams played each other and tied. I love watching soccer with my students, they get so into it! Hilarious!! Also, when they are on the field they call each other their nicknames, which they call each in class too, and I never know who they are talking about. So listening to the them on the soccer field helps me learn. :)

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Kelsi by 6:20 am (On a Saturday!!) for a kayaking adventure on the Rio Cauca. We are going with a few other teachers from school on this 3.5 hour adventure down river...pictures to follow!

Happy Friday friends!!

p.s. Are you watching the new season of How I Met Your Mother? You should be! I am loving this season so far, even if I do have to wait 20 minutes for each episode to load!! :)

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