October 4, 2009

All Comes Down to One...Déjà vu Anyone?

Here we are roughly 365 days later and the story seems much the same. In the last day of baseball's regular season the Minnesota Twins are tied for the American League Central Division with the Detriot Tigers. In 2008, we finished the regular season in a dead lock with the Chicago White Sox and went on to play a one game playoff that I would rather erase from memory than discuss here. (In summary we lost...) In fact, this is the THIRD time in FOUR years that the Twins have been in position to clinch the division title on the last day of the regular season. That alone makes baseball an amazing game. :)

In a shocking turn of events this season, Minnesota has beat the Kansas City Royals twice this weekend while the White Sox have beat the Tigers twice...thus the tie.

As I sat down to write this blog, I thought to myself, "How many of my readers really care about baseball in the way that I do? Is this really what people want to read about when they come to my blog?" I decided probably not, but this is who I am, and this is my blog. :) I can't really pin down a certain time when I really started to get into the Twins. Growing up my family always watched sports and my brothers and I all played softball/baseball, so I guess my love of baseball was sort of engrained. However, it really is an amazing game that I appreciate more and more as I learn about it. Some people say it's too slow (clearly these people have never tried to watch golf, because let's be honest, golf is the worst), but I absolutely love it. There are so many elements and layers to the game, and truly, anything can happen.

If the Twins and Tigers both win or both lose today they will play a one game playoff to take place Tuesday at the Dome. (Not Monday...since you know...the Vikings are playing the Packers @ the Dome. Lame.) I would love to be there today to celebrate the end of the last regular season in the Dome with all my fellow Minnesota sports fans, but I will settle for the amazing memories I have of the Dome so far, for it may not be the nicest field in the major league, but it has always been uniquely ours.

Here's hoping the Twins pull out the win today, the White Sox sweep the TIgers, and Joe Mauer receives yet another batting title. As stated in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune, "I suspect that some of the members of the ‘87 Twins who are part of this weekend’s festivities see a little bit of themselves in what’s happening right now. And we all know how their season turned out." Let's go Twins!!
p.s. Congrats to my lovely & determined friends who ran the Twin Cities 10 mile this morning!!! Were the three of you in the same race group?? Because you finished within two minutes of each other overall... :)

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