October 4, 2009

Sports Day & Dancing

As a teacher I attempt to love my students every day. They are all wonderful and intelligent and they challenge me to be the best teacher I can be...but some days they make it harder than others. Friday, however, was not one of those days. In anticipation of the week plus one day (next Monday is a holiday here) break, my students were happy, excited and fabulous all day long.

To finish off Spirit Week at school we celebrated Sports Day, where I of course wore my Twins t-shirt and hat. My students then proceeded to call me Ms. Mauer all day long without any request from me...told you they were intelligent! :) They clearly know how to suck up...

8th grade teachers on Sports Day...representing our home states with Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins and Colorado Rockies hats!

During the day I had the opportunity to watch my students' mid-semester dance evaluation and I was shocked!! They are so good! Not only are they good dancers, but they dance together in partners without any awkwardness...quite the feat for middle schoolers! In the US I think boys would rather die than have to dance with a girl. Here, dancing is so much a part of the culture that boys and girls alike love it! They have a specific class just for dance. I took some pictures while I was watching, but I don't think I did it justice!

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sts said...

i need to get those photos of the kids from you and the videos too. they are too cute.

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