October 7, 2009

Until Monday...cheer for the TWINS!

"He [Gardenhire] always says we will need everybody on the roster to win, and that's the way this team won.
We needed every last guy.''
- Joe Nathan


The Twins won!! :) In game 163 of this crazy season we beat Detriot in TWELVE innings to earn ourselves the American League Central Division championship and the right to kick some Yankee butt in the coming days!!! I did get to watch it here, thanks to one supportive Detriot fan with Direct TV :) I loved watching every minute of it; the Dome looked amazing! According to the Star Tribune, last night was the biggest crowd (54,088) in regular season Dome history. Way to go Minnesota!! My parents were there thanks to last minute tickets from a friend, and they said it was a fabulous experience for MN baseball! JEALOUS! Now we play the Yankees starting at 6pm Eastern---get your Homer Hankies out!

Besides cheering on the Twins this week I have been busy with professional development days at school, the last one being today. Tonight I leave for a 5 day vacation to Bogota (capital of Colombia) and then Villa de Leyva (small colonial village about 4 hours from Bogota). I will be traveling with Maggie and friends, and I am looking forward to a break and also getting to see more of Colombia!

So until Monday afternoon you will not hear from me! Therefore, enjoy the weekend and get out to support the best team in baseball :) Let's face it... the Yankees are the worst. Don't believe me? Read the fifty reasons why right here. :)

Happy baseball watching and happy weekend!!

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