October 4, 2009

Weekend Recap

This is my third blog entry for today-I guess I had a lot to say! Here's the recap of my weekend...

  • BOOKED Thanksgiving Break in San Andres (an island in the Caribbean that is owned by Colombia) with Kelsi & Hana!! We still have to hear back from the travel agency about whether or not we can stay in our number one choice for a hotel, but if not we will gladly settle for number two.

  • Teacher Happy Hour (girls only) took place right at our tienda below our house; what a lovely way to relax after a long week!
  • Teacher Happy Hour turned into dinner with many of us at Crepes & Waffles...I had a chocolate chip waffle and chai tea for dinner. Clearly one of the best decisions I made all weekend. :)
  • Graded 60 quizzes on solving linear equations...only 20 left to complete sometime today!
  • Watched the movie W in honor of you know who. I actually enjoyed the movie, and while I still need to look it up online to see which parts were factual, the movie gave me an interesting insight into his presidency and life.
  • Got together with some fellow teachers for drinks and dancing...which led to this ridiculous picture of Kelsi & I. :)
  • I need to grade the rest of the quizzes...instead I am blogging and reading articles about the Twins online...and probably watching some more How I Met Your Mother online.


Nicole said...

So clearly procrastination is across the board and does not only lie in the lives of the students!!

Note to self: When you go back to grad school never feel bad about going to happy hour after work and pushing that essay off until the last minute - chances are the professor is doing the same.

Good to know :)

I have been reading along with your posts just have been banned from being able to comment at work - until of course I found away around the IT program and can now freely blog, comment and tweet without anyone knowing! Lovely!

Thanksgiving break in Caribean looks to die for! Wish I could meet you there but clearly a bit of a hike this time around.

On the serious side though am thinking of coming down to stay with you for a week next summer after my return from the land down under. I won't start looking at tix until Feb-ish but would be great to know your schedule and what dates to look into. (I'm thinking July/August) thoughts?

Sounds like life is going good and miss you! Tell papa and mama Rad I said HELLOOO!!

sorry for the essay on your post....guess i should have jsut emailed at this point :)

jenloveskev said...

oh man you read my thoughts exactly for thanksgiving break!! ENjoy!!

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