October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to my (older) younger brother

Over the years growing up I always wanted a cool older brother...to hang out with, to teach me things, to watch out for me... Instead I ended up with 3 little guys who I found no use for until after age 13. Turns out they're growing on me. Weird, I know.

At midnight tonight my younger brother Joe turns 21 :). We are only 15 months apart in age, and for the last few years he has felt more like an older brother to me, so it's weird to think about him celebrating this milestone birthday without me. Since the fact of the matter is that I am on a different continent, here are my birthday thoughts from afar. :)

After going to college with you for the past two years, you cannot imagine how weird it is not to be around you on a daily basis. I miss making dinner together and watching shows together. I miss running into you around campus and at the REC. Having you to lean on and hang around with for those two years helped me understand what an amazing person you are. You don't sweat the small stuff in life, and I look up to you for that tremendously. I treasure all the memories I have of us growing up together...whether they are fun moments or moments when we wanted to kill each other. I look up to you in ways you couldn't imagine and you only improve with each passing day. Thank you for everything and have an amazing birthday. Be safe and NO FISHBOWLS! Love you!!

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Katie said...

That's so sweet. I always wondered what it would be like to have brothers. I've got two younger sisters.

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