October 18, 2009

Living Situation

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Maggie's boyfriend game here for a visit in the middle of September. During that time they decided that Mark is going to move to Colombia so that they can be together sooner rather than later. Mark is planning to move here sometime around Thanksgiving and Christmas, so as a result my living situation will be changing.

Maggie and Mark have decided to get their own place, and although they generously offered for me to live with them, I decided that living with a couple just isn't something I wanted to do right now. I had a few options, and thought about staying in my apartment by myself...but now I don't have to!! :) My friends Hana and Steph have asked me to live with them! I am so excited to have found new roommates to live with, and that I won't have to live by myself. Steph and Hana are amazing girls, and I already spend a lot of time with them as is, so I know we will have fun living together.

I am having a hard time thinking about moving so soon...mainly because I despise packing and moving my stuff around. Also, I am not really excited about leaving the neighborhood I have gotten to know here. I really enjoy living so close to Catie & Scott and Kelsi, so it will be weird to move to a neighborhood about 15 minutes away.

That being said, there are some things I am very excited about for my new place! Steph and Hana live much closer to the Mio than I currently do (right now it's about a ten minute walk just to get to it), so my public transportation options will increase. Also, they live in a neighborhood named San Fernando that is definitely more cultural than my neighborhood. There are many good dining options that I am excited to try! :)

As things develop and I move and such I will keep you all informed, but I just wanted to provide an update for now.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!
Lots and lots of love from Colombia,

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Bethany said...

Sorry you have to move again, but it sounds like the new living situation should work out pretty well!! :)

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