November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Shenanigans

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love this holiday because it is really just about being thankful, spending time visiting with friends and family, and eating delicious food! Since many of us are traveling over the long weekend, we managed to celebrate a lot around here this week!

We started things off last weekend at our co-workers' house for a Thanksgiving potluck dinner. This worked out great because everyone volunteered for what to bring, which meant everyone brought something they make really well! I made green bean casserole with the french onions my mom sent last year from the States (cannot find them in Colombia!), so that was super yummy. Aside from the beans, people made potatoes, stuffing, carrots, cranberry sauce, desserts and the hosts made four turkeys!

The dinner was absolutely delicious, and as usually happens here in Colombia, the talking soon gave way to an impromptu dance party!

One of four turkeys made by our hosts, Mike and Mandi!

Bad photography but delicious Thanksgiving dinner! party!

The party continued last night with a celebration at school with the entire K-12 faculty. Another potluck event, but this time everyone is just assigned something to the quality isn't quite as good, but still a fun event. A great way to share celebrate a typically American holiday with our Colombian co-workers.

Hana, Beatriz, Kelsi and I at Thanksgiving dinner.

The celebration finished today with our all-school assembly. Always a bit of a disaster-case since all 1,300+ students are in one place, but still a cool celebration of our school community. My favorite part is when the seniors walk in at the end holding the hands of the pre-primary kids! Adorable :)

Tomorrow I am off to the Caribbean Coast of Colombia for a not-so-traditionally-Midwestern Thanksgiving with my friends Kelsi and Tara. The idea is basically just to relax and come back ready for one of the hardest times ever to be a teacher - the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am excited to soak up the sun a little bit, since the weather in Cali has been so rainy and dismal lately, however it won't be the typical Thanksgiving weather...

View of the beach where we are headed! (Rincon del Mar)

View of the backyard right now at my house in Minnesota!! Not quite the same...

Happy Turkey Day friends!!

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