November 13, 2010


Last week the entire 8th grade spent time on a field trip in San Vicente. However, back at school things were anything but dull. This year, my school played host to High School Binationals. This annual event is hosted each year by one of the ten international schools in Colombia that participates in the games. During the week-long event schools from around Colombia play against each other in soccer, tennis, golf, softball, basketball and volleyball.

We arrived back from the field trip on Friday night to discover that my school was set to play in five championship games on the final day, Saturday. Arriving at school by 9 am we watched boys softball, girls basketball, and boys volleyball take second place, while both the soccer teams came in first!! Yay!
Boys softball.
Boys volleyball.
Boys soccer.
Mascot during half time of the soccer game.

People wandered around campus all day enjoying the games and the assorted food stands. I saw a ton of students there, from both high school and middle school, and parents too! A great day to be a member of our school community.

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