November 14, 2010

Field Trip to San Vicente

I blogged about our mini-convivencia (community building day) at school last week. After that day we headed to San Vicente with four buses of 89 students and nine chaperones for a two day field trip.

Despite initial complication during which the buses showed up to school late and I was incredibly annoyed before the trip even left school, things improved quickly. As always, I loved spending time with my students outside the classroom and thank goodness, these students are even better behaved than last year's! Amazing!

Students stayed in cabins and during they day spent time in activity groups going on a waterfall hike, rappelling, going on the zip line, and hanging out in the thermal pools. At night we had an inter-group dance competition to the song "I like to move it, move it" and then the next night the first and second places teams (my group included) had a face off! My students danced to "Thriller" and watching them practice and perform was definitely a highlight of the trip!! Basically...they are just so awkward at this age in life, but at the same time, dancing is very cultural so they all know how to do it...just some look more natural than others. And they won the competition so we had a pizza party at school this week!
Ready to hike with the girls in my group!! Boys are too cool for boots...
That's me on the zip line!
Massive amounts of mud.
Thriller zombies!

My activity group of students rocked and we had an awesome time! They didn't complain once about activities or time and they were super supportive of each other. Seeing them cheer each other on during rappel was another highlight! And watching them help each other out of all the mud puddles on the waterfall hike!

On the way home we once again ran into bus troubles, but despite everything we only arrived home an hour late and per usual, the students took it all in stride better than the teachers. :)

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