November 1, 2010

Bonding: Part One

Last Tuesday at school we copied last year's mini-convivencia about excellence and spent the day focusing on a theme of excellence as we prepared the students for this year's San Vicente field trip.

Throughout the school day students spent time in various rotations participating in activities related to academic, social, inter-personal and intra-personal excellence. Since a commitment to excellence is part of our school mission statement we wanted to get students actively thinking about what they can do to be excellent everyday. Also, since we had Monday off school, one day of school on Tuesday, and then a field trip Wednesday to Friday, no one was really up for teaching on Tuesday. :) Just one more reason I love the team of teachers I work with.

Just like last year I helped lead the social excellence activity where students completed a ropes course and climbed the big wall in small groups.
Ready to start the day! I love when my students take my camera and snap awkward pictures of me.
One group pulls their last member over the wall.
Crab walking on the ropes course!
Students explain what they learned in a closing assembly.

Overall we had a great day with the students and I left school feeling exhausted (after staying late to finish up more field trip details!), but excited for more 8th grade bonding in San Vicente. Photos to come...

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