May 18, 2010

Some Students Make a World of Difference

With only a month left of school, some days are definitely a struggle to motivate myself and my students. However, at times like these I love remembering all the amazing things I love about being a teacher and helping my students. The students that truly care about each other and the people around them remind me that there is hope for our collective future. And the ones who make me laugh, really laugh, make the weeks seem so much shorter. Here are a few photos I have taken from my classroom lately...
Any note that involves mathematical properties and calls me the Best Teacher of the World is a winner in my book. :)
Even my students believe I have a shot. Today I asked them to give me an example of something with a probability of 1 (always happens). They said me marrying Joe Mauer. God bless them and their childhood ability to believe that anything can happen.
Not very exciting but my friend Lindsey just posted pictures of her workplace and it made me realize how much I enjoy being able to picture someone at their job. We spend so much time at work, yet how many of our close friends and family members can actually envision us in that place? Here is my desk at work this morning.
Align Center
My updated word wall with assorted Twins memorabilia thanks to my mom, grandparents, and other various care packages throughout the year.
With that, Happy Tuesday and remember - only four weeks until summer! ;)

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