May 28, 2010

there goes my life...into big brown boxes. (Part 3)

On July 22, 2009 I wrote this post, when the four brown UPS boxes containing my life arrived in Miami, Florida to be shipped to Colombia. I posted this picture of the boxes in my living room in Eagan, Minnesota before I shipped them.
Almost five months later I sat in my (first) Colombian living room packing my life into the same brown boxes and wrote this post.

Here I am five months later again and packing my life into the same brown UPS boxes (There is something to be said for their durability, I guess...). WOW - it feels like I do this a lot.

Oh wait - I have done this a lot, in fact I figured out the other day that this move will mark my eleventh move in five years. To & from college freshman year. To & from college sophomore year. To & from college junior year. To & from college senior year. To Colombia. From my first apartment with Maggie to my second apartment with Steph & Hana. Now, to a new apartment with Kelsi.

Essentially I am getting pretty good at learning what I absolutely need in life and what can be parted with. I also can pack up everything I own in about a six hour time span, consecutive or not. Sort of creepy when you think about, that I have these places that I call "home" for the time being, yet I could pack and leave them completely given 24 hours notice. (Not that I would, I am just saying I could!) Then I think about what it will be like when I eventually move my things out of my parent's house someday. The place I grew up in and lived in since age 2. That...would be somewhat more difficult and definitely not possible in a 24 hour time span. There are things in my room that have occupied the exact same place for 20 years. My kindergarten best friends who are still best friends come over nowadays and we sprawl out on the same bed we did 17 years ago...we just have to squish a little bit more to all fit on it. :)

The move is set to happen Monday morning (although it has already been rescheduled once, so cross your fingers!), so after school on Monday we will come home to our brand new apartment! As much as the moving is a pain, I cannot wait to live in our new place with Kelsi. This is definitely one of the moves I have been most excited about in the last five years. :)

Mission for this weekend: Talk Direct TV into coming over Monday night to set up the cable in time for me to catch the 9:10 Twins vs. Mariners game. ;)

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