May 14, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!

Happy Teacher's Day to all my fellow educators, wherever you may be on Teacher's Day!
We have been celebrating since yesterday after school when our parents association, Asopadres, organized an after school happy hour that some of us took the liberty of extending well into the night. The school hosted lived music, karaoke, Arabic food, and fresh fruit juices with vodka. While it definitely took the party a little while to get going, things got quite lively with karaoke and LOTS of dancing. I think the dancing and just random craziness is one of my favorite things about Colombia in general. No matter what the reason for the party, there will at some point be a giant group dancing session.
Today at school I had a number of students wish me a happy day and a few stop by with delicious gifts of chocolates. Yuuuuum! This is my first Teacher's Day as a full-time teacher, not a student teacher, and I must say it makes me think about how my students view me. Right now, I know that the vast majority are much too absorbed in their own teenage worlds to really appreciate the things that teachers (or anyone else) do for them everyday. However, that being said, thinking back on my own education I didn't ever really truly appreciate my teachers either. At least, not enough to compensate for their time and dedication. As I grew up and attended college, I realized the profound impact these educators had on my life. They guided me to learn, to grow and to expand my horizons. They inspired me to want to help others learn. Looking back, they made a world of a difference for me, for my friends and for so many people. I guess that's pretty much why I became a teacher... ;)

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