May 10, 2010

Take Me Home Tonight! [New Apartment]

Apartment hunting in Colombia is no small task since it involves lots of Spanish, sometimes sketchy landlords, lots of walking and usually a personal connection! When I arrived last August the human resources people at school took us around to look at apartments in a big group on a bus. They had already scouted out the landlords and apartments previously, so it was a pretty simple way to find a place to live. (Read about my thoughts on it here.)
For the upcoming school year, Kelsi and I took it upon ourselves to find a place to live. We knew we wanted to stay in San Fernando (the neighborhood I live in now), save a bit more money, and find a balcony. After lots of apartment viewing and a little back and forth decision making, we have finally settled on this lovely three bedroom about four blocks from my current apartment and just around the corner from our friend Tara.
We went to look at the place today just to remind ourselves of the specifics and we are finalizing the lease this week! Yay! We plan to move at the beginning of June so that we have plenty of time to get the place set up before leaving for a few weeks in the US. Also, when Kelsi comes back in early July she has a few friends coming to visit, so we want it to be all ready for them! :) Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the place...more to come when we move in and make it look like our own.
Kelsi on the balcony - this is just half of it :)
Cannot lie...I would say this balcony is about 95% of the reason we bought the apartment. View overlooking Parque del Perro and north of Cali.
The main room in the middle of the apartment is really just a giant room sort of sectioned off with this pillar in the middle and these half walls.
Nook things in the main room that we want to make shelves for!
Side part of the main room...perhaps a reading nook??
Room #1 with walk in closet, bathroom and walk out to balcony.
Walk in closet.
Room #2 with big closet and walk out to balcony. {Note: There is a small third bedroom that will be an extra, I just didn't take a picture of it.}
Kitchen...lots of cupboards, counter space and a reasonable amount of light for a Colombian kitchen. Don't worry, a stove is being added...we were a bit concerned initially.
Staircase leading up from first floor walk in entrance.
Looking from the main room over to the staircase and the doors for the three bedrooms.
View across the street.
Home sweet home!
Thus far things we plan to accomplish while living together include:
  1. Buy hammocks. Get people from school to hang them. Have hammock parties.
  2. Bake delicious things. Since our school blocked Facebook at work, Kelsi has started reading food blogs during the day at school and trying out the recipes.
  3. One such recipe = oatmeal bars. We experimented this weekend with adding mashed up banana, raisins and almonds...I am sure there are more varieties on the way.
  4. A possible themed house-warming party. Details to follow.
Happy Monday!!


Lisa said...

The floorplan is so different/unique! I love it...and that balcony!! Yay for new apartments! :)

kelsi said...

HAHAHHAHA! Hammocking is so going to be my new hobby. After baking delicious things I find on food blogs when I should be working.

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