September 14, 2010

Season premiere time is easily the best time of year.

Oh hi, I'm that girl firmly grounded in reality (most days), however still hopelessly addicted to some delightful television shows. It has been a long summer, but fall has arrived and with it the season premieres of all my favorite shows filled with characters I wish I knew in real life. Eeeek! I cannot wait to see what the writers have in store for this season. After teaching 8th graders all day long there is no better relaxing escape than a good dose of sitcom television.

Here's what I will be watching:
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • One Tree Hill
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Gossip Girl
  • Glee
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Private Practice
  • The Office
  • Entourage (which technically just ended, but I did watch it this summer!)
After a fabulously exciting spring, full of cliff-hangers, I am so excited to get back into these shows. What happens to Chuck Bass? How will the staff at Seattle Grace recover from a bone-chilling finale that rocked the TV world? Please, please, please tell me we get to see Addison and Sam more in this season of Private Practice. Cause the final scene of the finale??? Amazing, but not enough. I want them on dates - adorable dates and totally in love. And an open note to the creators/writers/actors of HIMYM - its season six, can we meet the mother already?!?! AND AND Britney Spears guest stars on Glee? All Britney thoughts aside, that will be fantasticly amazing. AND AND AND is Clay alive on One Tree Hill? Cause I kind of love him and really hope his crazy stalker didn't kill him off at the end of last season. And The Office - last season with Steve Carell? You know that is going to be memorable (at least more memorable than last season...let's hope!).
In summary, get watching and then send me messages on Twitter about how great the episodes were. Just remember to wait one day so I can view them here in Colombia. Spoiler alerts UN-welcome. What are you watching this season?? Any suggestions??

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