September 25, 2010


Thursday afternoon yoga was hard. Each pose seemed especially difficult. I thought my two week absence was getting the better of me (and it probably was). My breathing was all off, I couldn't make any sequences flow together and any transition felt haphazard and frustrating.

Friday at school was difficult. My students' most recent test on properties of real numbers, the Distributive Property and combining like terms did not go well. In fact, in one class the average was 60.53%. The best average was a bit more normal, about 74%, but still - had they learned nothing in the last three weeks? We spent all day on Friday going over their exams and re-learning/re-teaching. I had two prep periods and I don't even know what I did during them because I felt like I needed to be doing 100 things at once.

This is probably about the time that the 20-year-old Kristin self-induced mono and had to take a major break from the hectic lifestyle she was living. The 23-year-old me isn't about to let that happen again, so instead I just shut down.

The last two weeks have been pretty intense - filled with a curriculum workshop at our school (that included working on a Saturday), activities after school, grading exams, socializing with friends, birthdays, cultural events in Cali, etc. while the whole time there is a little voice in my head reminding me that I still have no idea what I am doing next year.

I just need a break. Our October getaway to a quiet eco-lodge in the Andes Mountains near Quito, Ecuador is not arriving quite soon enough, so for now lots of tea, Jack Johnson music, and a few good books are on the radar for me.

What do you do when you just need a break from it all?


Bethany said...

I usually go to the park and read/chill, or bike ride...if it's the winter, just hunker down with a good book and read away :)

Sergio is Somewhere said...

you tell yourself you need to stay one more year and just be done with it. :)

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