September 5, 2010

Hummus Obsession

Toward the end of last school year my roommate, Kelsi, got into reading food blogs and looking up fun recipes to make at home. Sometimes in Colombia the ingredients for certain things can be hard to come by, but Kelsi makes it up as she goes along and it always turns out tasting delicious. One of her newest creations this year is different types of hummus. After a small incident a few weeks back wherein she soaked a "few" garbanzo beans to make hummus that turned into "everything we eat includes garbanzo beans" (apparently garbanzo beans expand...a lot), we have been on a big hummus kick.
Particularly, we have been eating zucchini hummus and roasted red pepper hummus and they are delicious!! Last night we were enjoying some cucumbers and carrots with zucchini hummus and I snapped this picture. Kelsi was not exactly lovin' the fact that she spilled hummus, but overall the eating of it is an enjoyable process. :)


kelsi said...

Kristin! When you said, "I need to document this. Hold on," you forgot the part where you said "Oh, and by the way, i will be putting this on my blog" NO ES JUSTO!

Bethany said...

LOL @ Kelsi! It's a funny pic. I've actually never had hummus, how sad is that?

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