September 12, 2010

Lazy Sundays at Juan Valdez & Football Controversy

Kelsi and I have been established regulars at the Juan Valdez in Unicentro Mall since last year. A lone entity in a country where almost all good coffee is exported overseas, Juan Valdez brews a delicious cup of coffee in the perfect environment for Sunday schoolwork. With four school weeks complete and four Sunday trips to Juan Valdez recorded, this is quickly becoming a tradition in our lives.

In keeping with my desire to blog more about the everyday things here in Cali, enjoy some images from this weeks Juan Valdez experience.
Vani-Canela (Vanilla Cinnamon) Latte Mediano.
Upstairs lounge area at JValdez.
Ready to work...
Kelsi planning out the next awesome thing she will teach third grade children.
Kelsi's guilty-pleasure (self-proclaimed) music choices.
My music choice. :)
I finished the day with some football viewing (weird, I know, but I am trying to expand my horizons and I figure I ought to give something else besides baseball a shot). Also, the Twins are in Cleveland (boring) so it is not being televised here. Anyway, I am in a football pool with colleagues for the second year in a row and although my first year showing was not terrible, I figure if I pay a bit more attention this year I can improve my record a bit :) That being said, picks/suggestions are always welcome. This week's viewing included the Bears - Lions game and I was quite impressed with the controversy surrounding the potential Detroit touchdown at the end of the game! I love me a good sports controversy and if every football game can provide such entertainment perhaps this is a sport worth investing in...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and relaxing Sunday!

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