August 22, 2010

A Saturday Morning in San Fernando

While I was home this summer my friend Anna made the comment to me that while she loves reading about the places I travel to, she really loves when I go into detail about my day-to-day life here in Cali. For me, the day-to-day things became routine last year, so much so that I forgot how different things are in the United States until I went home this summer.

However, they are quite different, so my goal for this year, in addition to travel blogging, is to attempt to provide an adequate picture of the little things that compose my daily life.
Starting with...a typical Saturday morning in our neighborhood, San Fernando.

I have lived in San Fernando since last December, when I moved in with Steph and Hana, and I absolutely love it! Despite our 30-45 minute commute one way to work each day, I think it is 100% worth it because of how much I love where we live. San Fernando is closer to the city center, so there is more going on around us, and the 4:30 breeze that rolls off the mountains every day without fail is the best part of my day!

This Saturday Kelsi and I started our day with tea and oatmeal, followed by a walk to our neighborhood gym, and then a walk to the grocery store. (Hmm...maybe this is why I don't write about my daily life - it sounds terribly boring!) Here are some photos I took along the way so you can get an idea for yourself!
Starting out on our street which faces a large hill that goes up to the next neighborhood. Please note our neighborhood avocado lady pushing her cart off of which she sells ripe avocados. Her advertising methods? Yelling aguacate (Spanish for avocado) in a shrill voice that sounds something like this: "Aguuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacaaaaaate"
Heading downhill to the Parque del Perro (large park in the middle of a round point) and our friend Tara's house.
Parque del Perro - quiet on a Saturday morning but quite the rocking place around 11 pm on weekend nights.
Kelsi along the road next to the Parque del Perro.
Next to Primos, a cute outdoor cafe with free wi-fi :)
Walking down the main road into San Fernando, Carrera 34, near Mister Wings, a frequented happy hour establishment with reasonable chicken wings.
The outside our small but adequate gym.
Walking down the Quinta (5th Street), the main drag that runs from the North to South of Cali with the two separate lanes in the middle for the public transportation system, the Mio. Our morning finished at Exito, a large grocery store chain here in Cali - note the big yellow building and sign in the background. This particular Exito is one Mio stop away from our place, or about a 20 minute walk.

One post about daily life - check!

Anyone have ideas for future posts?!?

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