August 23, 2010

When Blogs & Real Life Collide

My blog has been getting a lot of press lately...(and by press I mean people beyond my parents, five diligent friends and roommate who lives all of this in person with me anyway are commenting). At first I didn't really know how I felt about it. I mean, first the new teachers hired at my school showed up at the beginning of August and the majority of my introductions to them went something like this:

"Hi, I'm Kristin."
"Oh yes, I know, I read your blog. It's ______ (insert some sort of positive adjective)"

Followed by more comments on how my blog really paints a picture of Cali, Colombia, my school, etc.

This wasn't bad by any means, but since my blog is still relatively new (since April 2009), the incoming teachers were really the first group of people I met who first knew me through my blog. I get the feeling from family and friends that my blog portrays pretty much how I am in real life, so that's good, but it is always a bit different relating to someone in person versus online. In summary, I like having my blog out there, it was just a unique first experience.

Then, second, this week I received a great comment on my blog about kayaking on the Pacific Coast so I went to check out her blog and discovered this post about my blog just a few weeks ago! My first thought: cool! My second thought: People are talking about me (in a good way!) on the internet and I didn't even know about it! How do I find out about these things in the future??

Third. Well that starts with Saturday night, wherein I convinced my oh-so-lovely and willing to deal with my ridiculousness friends to come with me to a party held by some new teachers at a fellow international school in Cali. How did I get the invite? He found me through my blog. Random but cool, so we went and met some new friends. Turns out they are great people and more fellow Americans out looking for an adventure in this big old, not-so-disconnected world we live in.

This brings me to today aka Monday of the second week of school where I love teaching, I love students and I love math, but remain unconvinced about the necessity of all this bureaucracy business involved in schools. So I am sitting at my desk listening to Keith Urban and thinking about how awesome it would be to be a travel blogger or travel photographer or both. Because then I wouldn't have to take time off from my job to buy the JetBlue AYCJ pass and fly everywhere I want in a month's time span. Flying everywhere I want would be the job. Or at least it would be the job I envision in my head...the grass is always greener on the other side, right?!?!

Author's Note: I am 100% happy here and I know living in a foreign country is already pretty awesome. I'm just thinking aloud via my blog :)

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Cheapchick said... blogger....or write a book about teaching/living in Columbia....or take a different teaching contract in a different country every year? Cheers

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