August 7, 2010

White Water Rafting Colombian Style!

Before I break into the details about our week long trip to the Department of Santander and the cities of San Gil, Barichara, and Bucaramanga....WHITE WATER RAFTING! One of our goals for our trip to the "Tierra de Aventura" (Land of Adventure) included rafting on one of the three rivers in this region. After (failed) repeated attempts to raft on the Rio Suarez, we ended up rafting on the Rio Fonce instead because the water level was better.
We signed up for a day trip with Colombia Rafting for only $15 USD each and had a great time thanks to fun travel companions and a great guide, Jaime! In the end we were really glad we ended up on this river because it was way higher than we thought it was going to be due to the rain in this region right now. At one point he intentionally flipped our raft and we all went into the freezing cold water for "practice". We sort of thought he was crazy at this time... Then later in the trip he told us all to put our paddles in the middle of the raft and stand up around the outer edges of the raft and hold hands in a circle for support. He called it a balance exercise! It was scary but super fun too! Overall, a fabulous rafting experience.
Kelsi, Megan and I ready to go!
Practicing our "Celebration" cheer for post rapids.
Headed towards some rapids!
The first rafting trip I ever been on where the guide intentionally flipped the boat for "practice".
Lovin' it :)
Rio Fonce 2010 - success!
Check out the video for some action footage of the rapids!


Allison said...

LOVED opening my e-mail to find multiple blog updates today complete with picturs of your latest adventures :) Excited to read about year 2 and have you back to the blog. You're a great writer!

Kristin said...

Haha thanks Al :)

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