August 17, 2010

Back to School

The pencils are sharpened, my syllabus is printed, my new Algebra books are here, and the Twins memorabilia is on my walls! Today was my second First Day of School as a teacher and it went even better than last year. Probably because I was not as nervous!

After a week of teacher preparation that included tons of meetings, I felt ready for the students to arrive this morning. Also, since this is my second year at my school I do not have as many questions about procedural things. For the most part, I understand how things work at my school. As a result of this new confidence in my surroundings I have taken on some extra responsibility this year by being the 8th grade team leader. Basically this just means meeting with the 6th and 7th grade leaders and the principal, as well as running meetings and sort of being "in charge" with regards to the 8th grade happenings.

Today at school I saw a lot of my old students from last year. They were hanging around the middle school building this morning, because even though they are in high school now they don't really know where to go. So there they all were sitting along the middle school wall. Haha. I am sure they will figure it out soon and not want to be seen in middle school territory! The new 8th graders seem nice so far, but every kid is trying to keep it together on the first day of school, so I guess time will tell! My goal for the week is to learn all of their names :)

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Melody said...

Kristen, I think we just changed our mind about vacation and might head to Providencia--I'll blog about that decision eventually--but I wanted to tell you I read your post on San Andres, and I was also the editor of my high school yearbook.


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